Glaze Steel Windows & Door System Design & Installation Service

glazed door design melbourneWe provide a service that designs, manufactures, install and glaze Steel Windows and Door Systems. We have been doing this since 1986 and understand what our clients are looking for, from years of experience.

They range from your traditional steel window section, to specifically designed window section, to stainless steel window sections.

We provide services, to both Commercial and Domestic areas and have supplied & installed in some of Victoria’s best Universities and Tafes, such as Box Hill Institute, RMIT, Swinburne and Deakin Universities all over Melbourne.

Traditional Window Section: Is made up of different steel sections, sent from Switzerland, to make windows, doors, sashes, bifold doors and sliding doors. The size of the section is 37mm and in some cases, will have to be doubled up to make the window/door stronger and more stable.

We provide different finishes to our windows and doors. Prime painted, which is not a finished surface and is only a primer (black or grey) or Hot Dipped Galvanizing, which can be painted or left raw for years. 

Specifically Designed Steel Windows: We have designed different Steel Window Systems to the clients needs, from RHS designed windows/doors to windows and doors made out of steel flat bar. We get a picture of what our client is looking for and design a window system to their specifications. We can manufacture these windows, from a range of materials from Duragal Steel to 316 Stainless Steel.